Practicum Spotlight – Sohely Perven

SohelyInterview Questions:

1.       Where are you completing your practicum? Where is it located?

I am completing my practicum through a collaboration project titled “NO HUNGRY SENIOR PROJECT”. The collaborators in this project are Baptist hospitals, Methodist Hospitals, Metropolitan Inter Faith Association (MIFA), Aging Commission, and the University of Memphis. I am one of the employee in this project at the University of Memphis.

2.    Tell us about this organization and how it contributes to public health.

The project is a collaboration of multiple organization. In this project, MIFA provides nutritious hot meal (Meals on Wheels in America ) to the elder people enrolled in the project who are over 60 years old, while Aging Commission provides different kind of programs for these elder people with disabilities.

3.       Why did you choose to go to this location?

The position became available in the Spring semester of this year, and I have applied for this position. Dr. Debra Bartelli has recruited me for this position with practicum opportunity.          

4.       What project(s) are you working on? What are you duties? What does a typical day of work look like?

I am working on “NO HUNGRY SENIOR PROJECT”. I am conducting statistical analysis on the collected data for this project. I usually receive instructions from Dr. Bartelli, and perform statistical analysis, and submit my findings to her.

5.       What new skills have you learned while working at this practicum location?

This opportunity has taught me practical applications of my coursework. For instance, I am applying data management and SAS programming software for my work.

6.    What have you liked most about your practicum experience?

I like the fact of practical applications of my knowledge garnered through the courses of MPH program. The concept of this project is to support the independence of vulnerable seniors who are in crisis situation and have poor nutrition. When I work on this project, I feel wonderful to be able to contribute to improve the quality of life of these elderly people who are alone, nutritiously poor, and in crisis situation. It make me realize that we should reflect more about seniors in our public health career.

7.       How has this practicum experience supplemented your MPH degree program and future public health career?

This practicum is supplemental to my MPH degree program as I am applying the knowledge and skills learned from the courses. In addition, as a public health student, I am feeling wonderful to be a part of this project as my practicum experience.

8.       Why should future students work at this practicum location?

Students should feel encouraged to work in such a project for their practicum, because they will be able to apply their knowledge in practical case study, as well as contribute in aiding of improvement to our senior situation.

9.       What advice would you give to future students about finding a great practicum experience?

My advice would be to keep an open mind in finding potential practicum opportunities, and attend events related to potential practicum opportunities.

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