Our School

sphThe School of Public Health at The University of Memphis was newly formed following approval from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in 2007. It builds on our successful programs, a Master of Public Health and an accredited Master of Health Administration degree. We offer areas of study in biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, health systems, and health administration. Our faculty expertise is diverse and we have strong collaborations with local, national, and international partners that enrich our teaching, support research projects, and offer opportunities for graduate placements and research experience. The University of Memphis’ School of Public Health aims to be recognized as one of the nation’s premier metropolitan schools of public health, and a leader in education, research and practice. The School of Public Health is currently undergoing final assessment by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) to become one of the select accredited public health programs in the country.
Our mission involves the translation of knowledge and research into community practice to tackle pressing societal problems of social and environmental justice, health disparities, unhealthy lifestyles, and accessible systems that support healthy living for individuals, families, and communities. We emphasize both discovery and application with the goal of moving “knowledge into action” locally, nationally and globally.

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