Resources for Financing Your Education

Tiger Scholarship Manager

I think one of the best resources is the Tiger Scholarship Manager. This UofM website lists all of the available scholarships and allows you to apply for these scholarships directly on this website. UofM just recently created this website, and it has been a huge help. Some departments will even list available GA positions. 

Link to PDF of How to Use the Tiger Scholarship Manager

Public Health Community Scholarship

Second year MPH students my apply for the Public Health Community Scholarship. While first year students are not applicable for consideration, you should definitely start thinking about it now. If you begin creating a good name for yourself here at the program and network/visit with your professors and advisor early and often, this will help your future application for the Public Health Community Scholarship.

The Public Health Community Scholarship has been made possible by a very generous anonymous donor, who donated $500,000 to ensure that 5 MPH students per year for 3 years would have their education financed and would also receive monthly stipends.The Public Health Community Scholarship works much like a GA position in that you get a tuition waiver for 9 credit hours and get a monthly stipend ($1000 per month for 11 months) for your work hours. However, instead of working as a GA under a professor with the School of Public Health, you work in the community, such as at the the Shelby County Health Department, a community health clinic (e.g., Church Health Center, Christ Community Health Services), or a non-profit organization. 

MPH students may apply the semester before they begin their Practicum Experience and are required to turn in an application and personal statement. The applicant’s advisor will also need to complete an evaluation form to be turned in with the application.

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