Where to Live

On-Campus Graduate and Student Family Housing

Graduate and Student Family Housing is located on the University of Memphis, Park Avenue campus, approximately one mile from the main campus. The residents are comprised of students, students’ spouses, and students’ children. It is a community different from a typical apartment complex in that most residents are parents and/or students, and many are working full or part-time jobs. Both one and two bedroom apartments are available, and four apartments are specifically designed to accommodate students with disabilities.

If you would like to learn more about Graduate and Student Family Housing, please look through the brochure:


To look at the current housing rates for Graduate Housing, please visit:


Off-Campus Housing

If you would rather live off campus, Adult and Commuter Services at The University of Memphis does having a search engine for housing and roommate listings, as well as other general resources for finding housing in Memphis. Please visit:


You can also use websites like Zillow or Craigslist. However, Craigslist is notorious for creepers, so here is a lovely resource (used by our own treasurer Kendra when she moved to Memphis) to help you find a good roommate:


Also, it is good to learn how to be safe in an apartment and to check the crime rates for different neighborhoods when conducting your housing search:





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